Network or Community


Have Your own branded mobile app

Mobile access for your clients is critical. Your community’s mobile app will be available on the App Store and Google Play with your name, your logo, your colors, your brand.

Creating your own social network is a strong brand statement that will impress your users or members, boost your retention and increase brand loyalty. Going mobile means keeping your network of users, members or customers constantly connected to your organization Drugwrite provides your own social network using native code for both Android and iOS mobile platforms with access to native device components and unparalleled performance.

Customize the platform to match your community.


Easily manage membership rights

  • All your users need not have the same access to your platform. Easily manage membership rights.

  • Create, allow different users groups, like students and alumni. have different access rights to your community.

  • offer privileges to paying members.

Adapt your members’ profiles to your needs

  • Use the standard profile fields or create your own custom ones.

  • Decide what information is required and when your users should complete it.

  • Customize how profiles are organized in your platform.

    Craft the perfect user profile for your community easily and directly.


Choose which features are important for your community

  • Grow your community with features that benefits the most.

  • Our platform offers a wide set of features adapted to different types and sizes of community.

  • Choose which one to activate when you open the platform to your users.

    Decide if you want to introduce new features to your community over time.

I wish to thank Drugwrite for providing me with an inservice on use of the speaker portal. I am impressed to see the full functionality and all the bells and whistles.

Charlie Carr / VP, Marketing and Operations
Duchesnay USA, Inc.